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The original taste of Raw Cow Milk

From the exclusive production of raw cow milk to ageing the cheese forms on wooden planks, through cutting the cheese in copper boilers, mixing by it hand and wrapping it in linen cloths, thanks to the expert hands of the cheese-makers, cheeses by Caseificio Francesco Rabbia maintain their traditions founded on the original rules of cheese-making.

La Ruffiana

Soft cheese made through processing raw cow milk. Rich with cream, it is delicate and creamy, white with small holes.


Primo Pascolo

A cheese bringing forth the fragrances of the pasture and the aroma of fresh milk. It is processed raw, and has a creamy consistency with small, well-defined holes.


Nodo del Saio

The typical central knot in the wrapping by the expert hands of the cheese-maker. Soft, tender, fatty cheese, with an ivory/white color. The flavor is sweet, and the aroma is reminiscent of our local pastures.



Cheese form, soft consistency and buttery milk flavor, these is a delicious cheese. It is made by “casting” cow milk and has a thin straw yellow crust.


Il Gentile

A cheese with the aromas of milk and the pasture, with a delicate flavor and white/ivory color. Made using cow milk, semi-fat, processed raw with a pressed, semi-hard consistency.


Nustral d’la Crota

A rustic cheese that envelops all the flavors of our land and traditions. Produced with raw cow milk, with a pressed, semi-hard consistency, intense aroma and slightly hearty flavor.


La Robusta

The characteristic of this cheese lies in its small irregular holes and signs of natural mold marbling, with the aroma and fragrance of the forest floor and fresh milk. Its flavor is intense, persistent and hearty.



A cheese with a hard, pressed consistency made from cow milk. Ageing enhances its pleasant hazelnut flavor and gives it strong, flavorful notes.


Il Muschio

A blue-veined, soft cheese with a rough crust and marbled texture. After ageing on wooden planks, it boasts a bold, slightly sharp flavor.