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A future rich with the past

Only a handful of Italian companies can boast more than a century of history, something that is possible only when a family has very strong roots, when elders look to the future and youth understand that their own future depends on their past. Today there is a model for identifying innovation in traditional family businesses; at the Caseificio Francesco Rabbia we put it into action even before it was invented, because innovating while respecting tradition is something that we hand down together with our passion for this work.

Landscape and flavor

The medieval village of Ruffia is surrounded by the lovely landscape of the Cuneo Valleys with its wide-open grassy spaces, its trails and pastures, offering cows, sheep and goats the best summer grazing and hearty winter foraging. This unbreakable bond with our territory means that when you enjoy the cheeses by the Caseificio Francesco Rabbia, you can also taste a bit of the land, the only land that can give our raw materials their own “Original Taste”.

The wellness of our “Partners”

A company is usually made of partners and employees, and at the Caseificio Francesco Rabbia we depend on some very special partners: our animals. Only by ensuring their wellbeing and respecting ancient traditions for the raising of animals can we obtain the highest quality milk. This is a fundamental rule for our delicious cheeses, because when animals are happy their milk is undoubtedly better, making it possible to obtain the “Original Taste” that has always been our standard.

Goodness in our hands

The tradition was handed down “hand to hand” for every stage of the process. Our youth still use the old methods for processing raw milk with the same passion as their forefathers, combined with the latest generation technologies to conserve the fragrance, color and flavor of cheeses from once upon a time. The mixing, salting, and oiling of the cheese forms and their arrangement on wooden planks for ageing are all activities that we still perform by hand, because our cheeses would not be the same without the most important ingredient: our passion